Mohit Sir's help was instrumental in getting me through the JEE. He is excellent in both his communication and always available to answer follow-up doubts.

Eshan Balachandar AIR 343, JEE  Advanced 2016

I never felt bored or disconnected from the class when Mohit sir taught. He makes learning so interesting. He always comes up with interactive and interesting examples to explain difficult concepts that made things easier.

Shyam Sachdeva AIR 4681 (JEE Advanced)

Mohit Sir gave equal importance to developing intuition, understanding theoretical concepts and bettering one’s problem-solving skills. He made sure to move at whatever pace is comfortable to a student. I am very grateful that I got to study under sir and cannot thank him enough for his support and wisdom.

Neha Rino AIR 5115 (JEE Advanced)

Mohit Sir never said no to extra classes and took the pain to clear out doubts even after hours of classes. He also helped us in an in-depth analysis of tests and helped in suggesting better test attempting strategies. I can truly say he’s a great teacher and mentor who always motivates his student to perform their best.

Aditi Chandak AIR 3236 (JEE Mains)
AIR 7213 (JEE Advanced)

I always look forward to Mohit Sir's lectures because they were very well structured. He went out of his way to procure the best material in the market and condense it into curated worksheets. It was always easy to schedule doubt solving sessions with him and he would sit one-on-one with me solving questions. Mohit Sir has played an instrumental role in my maths preparation for JEE and I hope you get a chance to learn from him.

Saurabh Raje AIR 583 (JEE Mains)
AIR 2056 (JEE Advanced)
BITSAT Score 402

Mohit Sir is a sort of person who wouldn’t leave you when you’re failing him, rather he counselled me and made me realise my true potential. Today I can proudly say that I am a graduate of IIT Kanpur and I’m doing well and can give the entire credit for this guidance to Mohit so.

Kshitij Yadav AIR 3507 (JEE Advanced)

I would attribute my success in IITJEE mathematics solely to Mohit Sir, without whom it would not have been possible. He brings enthusiasm to the class, be it an 8 AM lecture or a 3 PM one. He made sure to include subtle tips and tricks for every problem. His command over the class is impeccable.

Ajay Jejoo AIR 1755 (JEE Advanced)

Mohit Sir's handwritten collection of tough problems from each topic shows his devotion to this field. He never fails to entertain the class even during tough topics with his motivational anecdotes from his IIT days. Without his words of wisdom it would have been very difficult for me to achieve such a feat.

Sankhadeep Bhattacharyya AIR 1598 (JEE Advanced)

Mohit sir taught us the entire maths syllabus of IIT-JEE and it became one of my strongest subjects. Without him, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to score as well in maths as I did.

Anaga Rana AIR 105 (JEE Mains)
AIR 733 (JEE Advanced)

Mohit Sir's explanations were always crystal clear, making problem-solving very easy. He pushed my boundaries and inspired me to conquer them.

Aakarshit Mehra AIR 5029 (JEE)

Not only did Mohit Sir teach mathematics with great clarity and emphasise strongly on the fundamentals, he ensured we were exposed to diverse variety of problems so as to gain a thorough understanding of the topic being taught. I would solely attribute my proficiency in mathematics to Mohit sir.

Arpit Jain AIR 775 (JEE Mains)
AIR 239 (JEE advanced)
BITSAT Score 387

Mohit sir was not only a teacher but a friend to me. We would go to him in any kind of problem and he was always there for us. I am glad I was guided by a person like him.

Vaibhav Gupta AIR 1444 (JEE Advanced)

Mohit sir is a brilliant teacher who knows the in and out of the IIT-JEE maths curriculum. He is strict enough to keep you focused on the IIT goal and jolly enough to make the two years of JEE classes seem like a breeze.

Samardeep Singh Satna IIT Bombay
AIR 785 (JEE Mains)
AIR 1081 (JEE advanced)

Giving in extra hours post lectures is something Mohit Sir would do very often, his dedication towards our education would motivate us to be determined on achieving a goal. Mohit Sir played an integral role in helping me achieve my JEE rank.

Namya Bagree AIR 708 (JEE Mains)
AIR 591 (JEE Advanced)

Mohit Sir always lit up the environment of the classroom by his teaching techniques. He is especially good at calculus, absolutely brilliant. Whoever is reading this, I shall guide you to choose Mohit Sir as your teacher.

Ayush Patil 99.87 Percentile (JEE Mains) AIR 369 (KVPY SX Stream)
Cleared RMO and qualified for INMO