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9th & 10th Foundation Math

If the roots are strong, the tree will grow high and strong.

Tropos is our foundation-level online math class, specifically designed to help strengthen core math concepts for Class 9 and 10 students. A sound understanding of basic mathematical concepts at this stage will lay the foundation for future success. Our aim with this program is to help give students the boost needed for more advanced-level mathematical exams like the NTSE, RMO & KVPY and to make the path to JEE & Pre-Medical entrance exams as seamless as possible

Get access to
  • Smart E-Study Material
  • Comprehensive Theory Lessons
  • Illustrations
  • Numerical Ability Lessons
  • MCQs
  • Subjective Exercises
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Online Olympiad Coaching

A level above the foundations program, our competitive online olympiad math coaching classes are designed to crack the prestigious exams like RMO, NTSE & KVPY. Students who have completed our foundations program can sign up for the online olympiad coaching class.

It is for those math lovers that aspire to participate in competitive olympiad exams. At the end of this program, students will be filled with a confidence to crack these challenging exams and will also have the ability to breeze through the JEE and Pre-medical entrance exams in the future.

The Regional Math Olympiad or RMO is the first round of Mathematics contest held on the first Sunday of December each year. This leads to the prestigious International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO). We help you prepare for the Mathematics Olympiads through advanced tests and worksheets.

Get access to
  • Advanced level e-study material
  • Olympiad exam preparation tests like previous years' questions from NTSE, RMO & KVPY
  • Workshops for competitive programs
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11th - 12th IIT - JEE Coaching

This is a 2 year rigorous online math coaching for competitive exams like the JEE. From reinforcing core math concepts to comprehensive study material and online tests, this program for competitive exams like JEE and BITSAT helps students ace the difficult topics, enabling them to crack these exams.

Concept Building

The main focus is crystallising core concepts and building on these basics. Twice a week, a limited number of students get access to online math classes for JEE and BITSAT. Lectures of 120-minutes each are designed to replicate the pattern and level of JEE by our in-house math superheroes who have an excellent track record of nurturing toppers and rankers.

Revision Sessions

Practice makes one perfect! Our digital tutors provide revision classes of select topics which maybe particularly challenging. These revision sessions are arranged regularly according to the needs and requirements of the students.

Interactive Doubt Removal Sessions

These are not restricted to your regular after-class hours doubt-removal sessions. We have interactive doubt-solving sessions specifically scheduled in the students' time table with our tutors.

These sessions are regularly scheduled in Time Table and also separately arranged for those students who require extra assistance for clarification of their doubts.

GainIIT's digital tutors work hard to make sure each student is maximising their potential. For the students who need extra support for doubt-clarification, we tailor these sessions as per their convenience.

GainIIT Problem-Solving Workshops

Every lecture is subsequently supported by an SDPP, which is a bunch of multi-conceptual problems, designed to lend an in-depth understanding of the topic & to improve question-solving speed through time bound practice.

Students also get access to unique online study material for JEE and BITSAT exams, which have been developed by our experience digital tutors. These include

  • Master problem package
  • Regular quizzes
  • DPPs

To give students an idea of how the JEE exam is conducted and the feel of the entrance exams, we conduct periodic tests. Student performance is meticulously evaluated to look for ways in which their speed can be improved and to identify weak areas. These online practice tests help them consistently improve as they develop the capability to respond to all kinds of questions, in a matter of seconds.

Unit Test

These tests are focused on the topics which are being currently taught at that time in the online math class.

JEE Main Test

This is an hour-long test conducted once every 3-5 weeks, modelled exactly along the lines of the JEE Mains exam.

JEE Advanced Test

Two tests, 1 hour each in duration, are conducted on the same day at a time interval of about 3 to 5 weeks. This test will cover all topics that have been covered int he online coaching class to-date.

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Engineering College Math

Sail through your first year of engineering by learning the core math concepts with the help of these engineering mathematics online coaching classes. Get access to video lessons, interactive practice problems and e-study sheets for every topic.

Comprehensive theory lessons includes
  • Illustrations
  • Numerical Ability
  • Multiple choice questions and subjective exercises
Why would you choose an online M1 coaching class with GainIIT?

The GainIIT advantage

  • Small Batch Size
  • Exclusive Study Material
  • Regular Weekly Online Testing
  • Simulated Test Series
  • Regular Feedback and Analysis
  • Topic Wise tests
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Advanced Math

Get access to online test prep sessions for study abroad entrance exams like GMAT, GRE, SATs, ACT etc.

Learn problem solving techniques in a way that retaining information and solving GMAT and GRE Math questions becomes easier. Participate in interactive sessions and practice for quantitative problem solving for mastering the math section of the GRE and GMAT exams.

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